Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Tablet/Capsule Counting Paddle

Great for accurately sampling large quantities of tablets or capsules!

Price: Starting at $100/ea

To order - please submit an inquiry and include tablet/capsule shape and dimensions, along with number of units per paddle you would like.

(Image shown is for 50ct, 8mm round standard concave tablets)

Tablet Ejection/Feed Shoe Attachment - For Bosch FlexiTab

Replacement part for the Bosch FlexiTab - Single station, tri-layer tablet press.

Made from impact resistant resin.

Price: $50/ea

Tablet Punch/Die Compression Station

During early stage drug development, sometimes compressing tablets one at a time is necessary. Whether due to a limited API supply, or a quick experiment that doesn't justify setting up the rotary press. When this happens, using one of our single punch compression stations in a Carver Press or other pneumatic press will help you get the job done!

'B' style tablet tooling fits like a glove, and keeps everything in place while you load the die and compress the tablet. While most similar products on the market are made of steel or aluminum, this isn't strictly necessary, as most of the force is placed on the tooling (as long as your press is set up correctly).

Price: $275/ea

Item shown fits standard 'B' tooling. If a station for 'D' tooling is required, please submit an inquiry.