About Us

NeutrinoTek was founded out of love for science and technology.

We are scientists, enthusiasts, and professionals that believe science should be as accessible to everyone. It seems as though the days when major scientific breakthroughs came from singular brilliant minds working out of their home labs are sadly gone. Our technology has advanced to the point in which much scientific experimentation requires equipment that is prohibitively expensive, and therefore typically handled by large corporations or university labs. Even the most simple scientific equipment comes with a price tag higher than what the average would expect to pay.

But all hope is not lost. Technology has also opened the door to makers, creators, and dreamers. Building things that would have seemed like science fiction 10-15 years ago. Small scientific start-ups are on the rise. And, in the age of information, we have the opportunity to collaborate like never before.

NeutrinoTek was founded by Josh Miller. A pharmaceutical chemist by trade, but with a passion for creation and a love for tinkering. This passion developed into a small, home lab filled with gadgetry and tools, both professional and home-made. While working for a local pharmaceutical company, he found that he was able to replicate parts for much of the equipment he worked with every day, and even create new, useful tools when the right one appeared to be nonexistent. This led to an idea: what if he could use these skills to help small, growing labs and research organizations get some of the equipment they needed, without breaking the bank? He wouldn't need to create ground-breaking instrumentation... Even offering common laboratory items for reasonable prices could help these new organizations save in a big way, and allow them to put their financial resources into the things that matter most.

So, NeutrinoTek was born.

While we strive to provide great products that your lab needs... we also like to keep things interesting. This can be seen in our active YouTube channel in which Josh makes quirky and entertaining videos demonstrating various principles of chemistry (he likes to blow things up), and making interesting gadgets like his home-made fusion reactor!

With that said, please, enjoy our videos, browse our merchandise, and contact us if you or your lab are in need of custom tools, devices or products. Welcome to NeutrinoTek!

Josh Miller, M.S. Pharm.

Founder / Lead Scientist